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    Our approach is strongly engineering based as we believe marketing professional systems should be.
We fill in any or all engineering requirements that pop up along a project's development including system design, consulting, in depth application requirement analysis, full system install preparation inclusive of engineer / operator training, commissioning and on site training as well as long terCustom Touring PDSm after sales service and support.

This results in full solutions at cost effective budgets without after sale surprises for the client.


Custom designed and in house manufactured hardware, rigging solutions, cabling systems, training and whatever else is needed to lift your project to that top level needed to make a difference in today's competitive Touring, Install or VIP Venues &  Markets.

A Wide Range of Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies are used in in-house Design&Manufacturing to suit: 
  • Exclusive Finish Designs&Options.
  • Deal with Extreme Environmental circumstances ( Outdoor, Acid Rain and UV deterioration ).
  • Electrical Safety Requirements.
  • Rigging Safety Requirements.
  • Your Priorities.

Meyer Sound Milo - to - 700 HP conversion Rigging Frame with Center Cam. Flies up to 12 units 700HP ( with our custom 700HP side Frames ) PLUS 16 PCS Milo underneath using one of these frames as top frame, and another one as transfer frame. The solution for flying 700HP + Milo in the same hang. Material is Stainless Steel. Contact us for details and pricing.

Carbon Fibre (CFS) Cabinets. Rain, Acid Rain and UV resistant.

We affiliate with www.pro-audio.com for training options and technical staff sourcing.